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Director of Research Impact Development, University of Lincoln

Chartered Health Psychologist, impact specialist, behaviour change intervention developer, BSc, MSc, PhD

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Welcome to my site. For a short summary bio jump to the end of the page.

I am the Director of Research Impact Development at the University of Lincoln, leading the development and implementation of the institution’s impact strategy.  This covers training and development, REF, non-REF and much more. I am also Director of the Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute (more on impact literacy below and elsewhere on this site) and Director of Impact for the Eleanor Glanville Centre, the University’s department for diversity and inclusion. I am a Chartered and HCPC Registered Health Psychologist with a PhD in Health Psychology and Impact and have been an applied researcher for nearly 20 years.

I stepped formally into impact in around 2013, developing an impact capture system, with the role morphing fairly quickly into training and development in response to the academics’ needs. After several years seconded as an impact officer at Coventry University alongside my research role, I moved to Lincoln in 2018 to a ‘hybrid’ academic/research post to support impact across the institution and across the sector.

I have been immensely fortunate to build fantastic links, particularly on the concept of impact literacy. Put simply, I’ve seen too much bad practice, pressured expectations and short termism to know that’s *not* the route to good impact. Instead we need to build knowledge and understanding of impact across the sector so people can make meaningful and appropriate decisions about connecting research with society. I’m incredibly lucky to work closely with Dr David Phipps (York University, Toronto), guru of knowledge mobilisation and someone who shares my concerns that unless we really understand impact, we can’t really help those who can benefit. Our partnership has led to the building and extending of the concept of impact literacy, knowledge broker competencies, institutional health, and literacy and health workbooks to support the academic community. I’m also fortunate to have been commissioned by Emerald Publishing as their Impact Literacy Advisor, and am always heartened by an open agenda to help inform their support of impact across the sector. In addition I work closely with funders, particularly NIHR, to explore how impact literacy can be engrained in all areas of academic life. Currently I am also impact co-I on the Lincoln-led EPSRC Funded “ASPIRE” project, focused on developing more inclusive research cultures within STEM. Beyond these roles I undertake a considerable amount of consultancy across the sector to support staff development, impact literacy and broader strategies for impact.

Alongside this I work closely with the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA), the UK’s professional body for RMAs, and after roles as Impact Champion and member of the Professional Development Committee I’m currently the Director of Qualifications. I am also a member of the Research Administration As A Profession (RAAAP) task force and recent co-chair (with David) of the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Impact and Stakeholder Engagement (RISE) working group.

More personally I lived with a disability for 10 years following a Deep Vein Thrombosis (or five, I think), and whilst I was incredibly lucky to receive venous stents in 2018, I remain a patient advocate in vascular health.

I’m a very keen advocate for open research and collaboration, so if you’re interested in joining forces please contact me to discuss research, consultancy, training or talks.

Summary bio

Dr Julie Bayley is Director of Research Impact Development at the University of Lincoln, combining an academic and research management role. She is also Director of the Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute (LILI) and collaborates nationally and internationally on the development of impact literacy within research. Julie undertakes extensive consultancy across the research sector and has been appointed as Emerald Publishing’s Impact Literacy Advisor, alongside being Director of Qualifications for the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) and Co-I on an EPSRC funded project on equality, diversion and inclusivity in STEM. Alongside her impact work, Julie is a Chartered Health Psychologist with a PhD in Health Psychology and Impact and a patient advocate in vascular health.

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