About me

Academic researcher,  

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Impact, knowledge mobilisation, health psychology and behaviour change interventions. BSc, MSc, PhD

The health psychology bit: 

I am a HCPC Registered Health Psychologist (PYL29187) and have been an applied researcher for over 14 years. My specialism is behaviour change, primarily intervention development, adolescent sexual health and the translation of research into practice. My PhD was in the development of impact-literate health psychology interventions. I have been a grant holder, research team lead, Prince 2 Project manager and principal investigator across multiple studies, with extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative methods with varied participant groups. My research is underpinned by behaviour change theory and practice and formed part of Coventry University’s REF 2014 UoA3 submission. The New approaches in addressing sexual health and sex education case study cited as ‘outstanding’ by the panel.  I also have extensive teaching and mentoring experience with undergraduate and post graduate students and both academic and research management staff.  Oh and yes lots of activity around ethics, open access/open research, research data management and all the fun stuff that comes with research. 

The impact bit:

As a natural extension of my applied research portfolio, from 2012 my professional interests shifted more formally towards research impact. Following an increasing role split between academia and research management, from summer 2014 to March 2016 I was seconded as Coventry University’s Impact officer, supporting impact bid writing, planning and delivery across the institution. I supported multiple national and international bids, and devised and ran a programme of impact training across the university to enhance academic and professional service capabilities to build institutional capacity. I am engaged in impact across the HE sector, delivering conference talks, workshops, supporting strategy development and collaborating internationally to strengthen impact delivery within and beyond the UK.  Within ARMA I am the co-champion for the Impact Special Interest Group and lead national impact training for the Training and Development Committee. In 2015 I won the inaugural ARMA 25th Anniversary Impact award (2015) in recognition of my work within my own institution and across the sector. I am also the CASRAI Impact working group chair

Since April 2016 I have returned to an academic post. Whilst maintaining an interest in adolescent sexual health and behaviour change interventions, my research and consultancy has shifted towards knowledge mobilisation and how we can maximise the benefits of research through improving ‘impact literacy‘.  I am currently collaborating with the award winning and completely amazing Dr David Phipps, York University (Toronto) to develop this concept further and build international standards for knowledge broker competencies. I’m also commissioned by the National Institute for Health Research to review impact pathways/risks within the I4I funding scheme.

I am passionate about strengthening impact literacy across the sector, expanding our thinking about impact-as-assessment, and improving professional development frameworks/recognition within our impact communities of practice.  Oh and coffee drinking is my superpower.

Contact me to discuss impact research, consultancy, training or talks.


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