Coming to the ARMA 2017 conference? Feeling impact’y? Welcome!

If you’re heading to the ARMA conference for the first time…..welcome!!

The ARMA conference is the headline act for a busy annual programme of activity. The conference has grown substantially in recent years and offers a real showcase for the excellent work happening in the research management community. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet peers, share best practice and connect into sector wide activities. 

If you’re not already aware, there are a number of special interest groups (or SIGs) within ARMA. Each of the SIGs offer a space to share learning, update knowledge, ask questions and generally find support in a particular topic area. Each group will also have a timetabled session at the conference. The list of the current SIGs can be found here, and to join, just logon to the ARMA website and follow the instructions from SIG page. But let’s turn to my favourite…..

The Impact SIG is a group of like-minded (or sometimes disruptively minded – you know who you are….) people interested in all things ‘impact’. The SIG is led my Lizzie Garcha and myself, and we represent the impact community within ARMA. We also sit on the training committee so we can connect impact community ‘need’ with formal training provision. Our Impact SIG session at conference will provide delegates with an opportunity to join (or reconnect with) the community, network with those in similar roles, and discuss current issues in research impact. Please do come along, all are welcome!)
If you’d like to chat beforehand about the conference, ensure you have a familiar face to connect with or generally want to make best use of the event, please get in touch. There’s talk of SIG leads being rather more visible at conference (probably with fancier badges rather than neon tshirts), but whether we’re in sparkly hats or hiding out like ninjas, we’re very happy to chat. The chances are (*history suggests*) I’ll be on twitter before, during and after the event and very happy to answer any poignant or stupid questions. Likelihood is I’ll be asking the latter myself. We’re also keen to know if there’s anything people would particularly like to discuss/cover in the session – please let us know via email or using the comments box below if there is. 

So if you’re feeling impact’y and conference’y, get in touch, get involved and get connected. See you there!

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